The Math Facts Challenge motivates children

to study and learn essential facts.

No fees.  No purchase necessary.  Win $100.00!

1) Print Study Guide and Challenge Forms.

2) Set Goals and Practice.

3) Take the Challenge. Win prizes.


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Empower children to become self-reliant & successful.

A simple challenge can change lives.

The Math Facts Challenge gives children four keys to success:

  1) Math fluency: Recalling facts quickly (4 + 7 = 11), and understanding their meaning.

  2) Basic study skills.  How to learn new facts, and how to practice effectively.

  3) Responsibility: Setting goals, and remembering to practice.

  3) Support: The challenge is a simple way for parents to encourage children.

A good challenge is easily understood and highly motivating.

  • We challenge children to choose 10 facts, and practice them for 3 minutes a day.

  • We challenge parents to challenge their children, and follow their progress.

Why The Math Facts Challenge is so powerful.

  1) Children believe they can practice for three minutes a day, and learn ten facts.

  2) Children practice more, and harder when they know others are paying attention.

An more hopeful future.

A simple challenge can lead to children making practice part of their daily routine.  

If children learn basic math facts and study skills at an early age, it will change their lives.  Let’s make a difference.  Let’s make this a summer to remember!

Warm wishes,

Mitchell Mark