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The FastFacts Math Challenge

Motivate children to study and learn math facts on their own!

The Math Facts Challenge Station

Children study and learn facts at home to earn a ticket to visit the

Challenge Station at school.

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The Ten Hardest Math Facts Challenge.

Children study and learn facts at home to earn a ticket to win prizes at school.

Kids can win the coolest prizes.

Teachers can win a Harry Potter Books Treasure Chest.

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Fluency Flashcards

Fluency Flashcards use hints, rhymes, and strategies to help children learn and remember facts.

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Ever since my first days as a Third Grade Teacher, I have searched for ways to help children study and learn basic math facts.  I saw how children struggled when they relied on counting.  

I helped develop the app, FastFacts Math.  Our goal was to simulate a patient, intelligent tutor, and to motivate children to practice.  I discovered the app works best when children are challenged with a specific goal.  Here are two ways to motivate children to learn math facts at home.

FastFacts Math

Three unique features make FastFacts Math the most effective app on the market.

Turn your phone or tablet into a patient, intelligent tutor.

Practice any time, anywhere.  Turn down-time into practice-time.

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