The Math Facts Mad Dash at

Tumble Time Gymnastics

Parent & Child Challenge.

Answer 10 Facts and Win!

Tumble Time Gymnastics

Mondays 3-5 PM

Wins prizes. No fees.

2568 Meadow Ln, Shingle Springs

(530) 677-3893

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This Dash is for residents of

El Dorado County.

If you would like to bring The Math Facts Dash to your community, contact

Why math facts fluency?

Understanding and recalling basic math facts is key to success in math.

Why a relay race?

A relay race adds fun and exercise, while releasing endorphins and sending blood and oxygen to the brain.

Why parent and child?

When parents pay attention and participate, children practice with more effort.

Other benefits.

Children develop grit, perseverance, and study skills.

Promotes fitness for the whole family.