Two issues

1) It is difficult to give an accurate assessment.  Students can answer facts they know, and count to answer facts they don’t know.   They can pass tests without knowing all of the facts.

2) Parents may see test results, but they do not know which facts their children know, and which facts they do not know.  If their children get good grades, they assume all is well.  When math gets harder their children are at risk.

We are testing a solution.

• It is easy to implement.  There are no papers to correct.

• It keeps parents aware and involved.

• It motivates students to study and learn math facts at home.

We are looking for teachers to test this approach.  We will provide:

• A guide for teachers.

• A complimentary copy of FastFacts Math.

• Support.  If you have a question, you can contact us directly.

There is no obligation.  You can end your participation at any time.

Send me your contact information.  Include your grade level.

I will send you the guide and FastFacts Math.

Let’s make this A Time to Remember.

Best wishes,



A Simple Way to Get Children to Study and Learn Math Facts at Home.