A Simple Way to Get Children to Study and Learn Math Facts at Home.


Many children do not know basic facts, and their parents are not aware.

Children come home with 100% on timed tests.  Parents think their children are doing well.

But children can count on these tests, and still get 100%.  

They pass the test without knowing some of the facts.

When math gets more difficult, these children fall behind.

We are testing a solution.  It helps children:

• Learn these facts on their own.

• Build effective study skills.

• Develop focus and concentration.

• Gain confidence.

• Take responsibly for their own success.

We are looking for parents to test this approach.  We will provide:

• A guide for parents.

• A complimentary copy of FastFacts Math.

• Support.  If you have a question, you can contact us directly.

There is no obligation.  You can end your participation at any time.

Send me your contact information.  Include your child’s age.

I will send you the guide and FastFacts Math.

Let’s make this A Time to Remember.

Best wishes,