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How to Practice Well

Four Reasons to Prepare for the Show.

You can do it.

Even if you have had difficulty learn math facts, if follow the  tips in the video, and practice for five minutes a day, you will improve every week.

You will like math more.

Math is a lot easier when you know basic facts.  You will finish your homework faster.  You may be surprised how math can make things better, especially sports.

You will get better at getting better.

The keys to good practice apply to math facts, and to sports, playing music, dance, just about anything.  The more practice, the better you get at getting better.

You will get better at performing under pressure.

At first, you may not like being watched, especially with time pressure.  The more you do it, the better you will get at staying focused and calm.  That will help you in sports and other performances.

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How to Practice and Learn Math Facts