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A Math Facts Challenge

Enter the race with your children. Play at home.  No fees. Win dinner for your family.

Choose your challenge

✦     Mother and Daughter vs Father and Son

     ✦     Mother and Son vs Father and Daughter

     ✦     Children vs Parents

     ✦     Challenge cousins.

     ✦     Challenge friends.

     ✦     Challenge neighbors.

Rules & Procedures

A team can have two to four players.

You do not need to have the same number of players on each team.

A team with two players can compete against a team with three players.

Enter now.

If we choose your challenge, we will pick up the tab for dinner.

A fistful of benefits.  Just three minutes a day.  No purchase necessary.

     ✤      This contest will motivate your children to take responsibility for practicing on their own.

     ✤      Your children will master 28 essential math facts, a key to doing well in math.

     ✤      Fitness: Each day your children will get in better shape.  This can be the start of a regular home fitness routine.

     ✤      Grit: Your children will experience taking on a difficult task, persevering, and reaching a worthy goal.

     ✤      When children succeed at a difficult task, it gives them confidence when taking on future challenges.

A great activity for you family.

The challenge gives your family a common goal, a unique way to bond.  You are teammates, working together towards a common goal, helping each other learn facts, and get in better shape.

An ideal summer activity.  

The challenge helps children stay sharp over summer break.  Instead of forgetting facts, children return to school knowing these essential facts better than ever.  This will help them with every assignment, in school and at home.

Help bring The Math Facts Olympics to your children’s school.

The teachers at your children’s school will notice how well your children have learned math facts.  As a result, they may use The Math Facts Olympics in their classrooms.  Your school may participate in the Spring Finals (similar to the National Spelling Bee).  Your example could help hundreds of families to work together.  Give your children the opportunity to make this A Summer to Remember!

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