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The Show-You-Know Show Segments

Show-You-Know Flashcards (Two minutes)

Children make and share their flashcard for a specific fact, such as 6 x 7 = 42.  

They explain their graphics, hints, and strategies.

Viewers learn another way to remember a fact.

The Math Facts Mad Dash (Two minutes)

One to five students take turns in a kind of math facts relay race.

Children combine movements, music, rhythm, and hints as they answer math facts.

Need for Speed (Two minutes)

It is not about being the fastest.

It is about understanding the facts, and answering effortlessly.

We choose a contestant to answer 10 facts in under 30 seconds.

If successful, they win a prize.

Heed the Call (Two minutes)

This is like Need for Speed on steroids.  Parents and teachers enter online to receive a call.

We choose names, set up a time, and call.

Heed the Call is so powerful because all children know they could get a call, any day, any time.

They have reason to be prepared.  They are highly motivated to learn their facts.

About the show

Heed the Call

Be on the show.