Four keys to success:

1) Create Fluency Flashcards.  Fluency Flashcards are four-sided flashcards that open like a booklet.  Children use the inside of the card to record hints and strategies.

2) Study with flashcards. Flashcards can be a powerful learning tools when used correctly.  Children learn how to practice in ways that build understanding, recall, and automaticity

3) Set and measure goals.  Weekly Goals Charts make it easy for children to set goals and record their progress.  With a glance, parents can see how their children are progressing.

4) Build and strengthen a home-practice routine. Children learn how to make flashcards, and how to study.  They use Weekly Goal Charts to record their daily progress.  This leads to a home-practice routine that insures success.  Children learn essential math facts, they learn how to learn, and they create a habit that will lead to success in school for years to come.

Children Reap Big Benefits

Confidence.  Children who lack math fluency come to dislike and fear math.  Learning essential facts on their own give children confidence in math, and confidence in their ability to learn on their own

Focus.  Successful athletes learn to focus under pressure.  This is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Responsibility.  Children are responsible for creating goals, remembering to practice, and evaluating their progress.  This empowers them.  Responsibility can be learned and practiced.

Study Skills.  Doing well in school is not about being the smartest or working the hardest.  If you do not know how to study, you can work hard and still not do well.  It makes sense for children to learn how to learn now.

Free flashcards and guides.  Study guides include step-by-step instructions for creating Fluency Flashcards, using flashcards to study, and using Weekly Goal Charts to build and strengthen a home-practice routine.

Free app.  FastFacts Math is used in thousands of homes and classrooms.  Many consider it the best math fluency app on the market.  

Free consultation.  Meet in person, FaceTime/Skype, or on the phone with a credentialed teacher.  

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